Activity Levels

All tours involve a fair amount of walking often over uneven cobbled streets, hillsides or steps. Participants on all tours must be able to walk or stand for at least sixty minutes without aid or requiring a rest. Use our Activity Level Guide below to measure your ability to join a tour. If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact us for advice. We will refuse to carry anyone who has failed to notify us of any disability requiring assistance during the period from booking the tour to its departure. Subsequent to the tour's departure anyone who in TCE's opinion cannot meet the criteria contained in our activity level guide may have their holiday terminated and we will impose any applicable cancellation charges. We may ask for a confirmation letter from your GP certifying that you meet the activity level criteria prior to accepting you on a tour. You must be able to carry your own luggage as porterage is not provided. For tours travelling by rail we recommend a suitcase with wheels.

Within this all-embracing criteria we have graded each tour as:

Level 1

Tours where the group is generally conveyed by coach between stands - with walking confined to a short stroll to each observation point. Although stamina is required for the standing/walking involved at and around each observation point, museum, etc., the tour is generally untaxing physically.

Level 2

This is our standard tour type. Participants necessarily indulge in a certain amount of walking along country tracks and up slopes in order to reach vantage points from which to view the battlefields concerned. As these vantage points may be exposed to sun, wind or rain, sensible shoes and outdoor clothing are needed - but no more than on a country ramble at home. Distances of up to a few miles a day may be involved - which any reasonably fit person should be able to cope with.

Level 3

These are tours involving requiring a higher level of fitness and stamina i.e. our 'walking tours' or those tours regularly involving uphill stretches or walks of more than a few miles a day. Such tours take participants off the normal tourist trail, so suitable walking gear and a day pack will be required. But again, there is nothing here that a regular walker could not cope with.


Where a walk is described as e.g. Level 2/3, this means it is a Level 2 tour with one or two short Level 3 pitches (e.g. a steep climb) which could be avoided by less able participants rather than holding up the rest of the group.

The Cultural Experience reserves the right to refuse to carry anyone who has failed to notify them of any disability requiring assistance, or who in The Cultural Experience's opinion is unfit to travel.

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