At Them with the Bayonet - The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845-1846

By Donald Featherstone

Published by Leonaur Ltd (2007)

For a century the British Empire had inexorably turned the map of the Sub-Continent to red. On the way there had been many formidable adversaries and several bloody wars, but the discipline, advanced weaponry and strategies of the British forces had always prevailed against superior numerical odds. By the 1840's the only power not subjugated was that of the Sikhs in the Punjab. It's army the Khalsa, comprised formidable artillery, regiments formed on European lines and trained by men who had served under Napoleon. The Sikhs themselves were a warrior culture, for whom war was life. Against them was pitted an army of a few British regiments, supported by the Indian troops of John company. They were mostly led by heroic but inept generals. Nevertheless, in four bloody battles the British were victorious and saved India from destruction by a whisker. This is the story of that war.

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