Roman France: An Archaeological Field Guide

By Jeremy K. Knight

Published by Tempus Pub Ltd (2001)

The French provinces were among the richest in the Western Roman Empire - as can be seen from numerous, and often spectacular, surviving remains. However, visitors to France with an interest in her Roman past have long been frustrated at the absence of an up-to-date guide.

Jeremy Knight's field guide supplies this long-felt need. Dividing the country into 13 regions, each linked to its original Roman province, he covers all 94 'dipartments'. He ranges in time from the Iron Age hilforts (many of which became Roman towns) and the first settlement at Aix-en-Provence in 124 BC to the seventh century when the ancient world really ended. He includes - with full map references and bibliographical notes - both those sites where there is little or nothing visible. Relevant museums are also listed with addresses. There are photographs and plans of key sites and a succinct guide to pottery types.

This comprehensive guide will not only be a must for those with an interest in the Roman world, but will encourage both visitors to France and residents there to explore the country's visible past.

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