Spain Under the Roman Empire

By E S Bouchier

Published by Forgotten Books (2016)

"On the withdrawal of the Carthaginians in 206 B.C., the Romans found themselves masters of southern and eastern Spain, on good terms with the Greek and Phoenician colonies, and in alliance with several native kings and peoples of the interior. The south had long possessed a high civilization and a wide commerce, both within and without the Mediterranean..."

"The formation of the Spanish provinces dates from 197 B.C., before which extraordinary magistrates, two proconsuls annually, were sent out. Spain was then divided into the Hither and Further provinces, each under a prætor, with the seats of government at Carthago and Corduba respectively. The boundaries varied at different times, but the Hither province had a tendency to increase, and by Cæsar's time included everything but Bætica and Lusitania. Though these last were only formally separated by Augustus their inherent difference was recognized by Pompey in his division of Spain among his three legates, Varro, Afranius, and Petreius." - E.S. Bouchier

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