The '45

By Christopher Duffy

Published by W&N (2007)

The '45 Rising has been romanticised over the centuries in many books and films, and still arouses strong emotions in Scotland, but this is the first comprehensive history ever. It is based on original research in all available archives, including Swedish, French and German records. These make nonsense of the many popular histories based on self-serving accounts written by a few of the key participants. But it is no dry academic analysis. Christopher Duffy, the world¿s greatest authority on 18th century warfare, writes a vivid narrative that overturns many accepted ¿facts¿ about The ¿45. His text is supported by numerous maps and a comprehensive guide to the key sites that can be visited today.

This is a major work that addresses a crucial episode in British history: the last time that a British monarch stood a serious chance of being unseated by a dynastic rival at the head of an army.

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