The Bloody Road to Tunis: Destruction of the Axis Forces in North Africa, November 1942-May 1943

By David Rolf

Published by Greenhill Books (2001)

As the Afrika Korps withdrew after a bruising defeat at El Alamein, it became apparent that Axis forces would not be able to maintain their hold over Libya. Rommel pulled his troops back to Tunisia, digging in along the Mareth Line, and turned westwards to counter the massive Anglo-American 'Torch' landings in French North Africa. A series of bitter battles in the craggy hills of Tunisia followed - including the legendary struggle for the Kasserine Pass - with the Germans displaying skills honed in two years of desert fighting, and the Allies relying on their superiority in equipment and manpower. Allied might eventually overpowered Rommel's army and, in May 1943, Axis forces surrendered. David Rolf has made use of rare and valuable source material to present the Tunisian campaign in its entirety. His emphasis is on personal accounts, and use of contemporary dialogue, takes the reader to the heart of the emotions experienced by units fighting on both sides, and adds colour to this intricate 'battle of wits' between legendary commanders. The result is a brilliant example of historical writing and a unique insight into six months of stubborn fighting.

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