Col Anthony Malkin

Col Anthony Malkin

Expert Israeli Historian & Author

Tony Malkin studied Israel’s military history over a period of 5 years when, whilst living in Palestine and Israel, he established a Leadership Academy for the Palestinian Security Forces in Jericho in close coordination with the Israeli military authorities. He has tour guided several UK Ministry of Defence battlefield tours throughout the country based on his intimate knowledge of the battlefields spanning the period 1948 to the present day.

A retired Colonel in the Parachute Regiment, he combines his extensive operational experience - 2 years combat experience in Oman (Dhofar) and intelligence operations in Northern Ireland- with his historical research bringing to life the battles of the past. Having studied armoured warfare at the highest level at the German Army Command and Staff Course he is well versed in armoured warfare – the centre piece of Israel’s land warfare doctrine.

He is writing a self-guiding tour book on Israel’s military history as well as researching the Dhofar War in Oman as a follow on publication and tour.

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