Eamonn Gearon

Eamonn Gearon

Historian and Analyst

Eamonn is an historian and analyst who has lived and worked across the Greater Middle East – from Kabul to Casablanca – for twenty years. Like T.E. Lawrence, he is a noted desert explorer, whose camel-powered Saharan explorations grew out of time spent living with the Bedu in the Libyan Desert. Eamonn works as a Special Advisor to government and military; a consultant to private business; and is an analyst of both the region's armies and Islamist terrorist groups. Co-founder and President of The Siwa Group, today he continues to work with clients who rely on specialist, regional insight and reliable local networks. He has taught at the University of London, the American University in Cairo (AUC), and at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), Washington, DC. Eamonn is the author of "The Sahara: A Cultural History," which the BBC described as, “vital background reading for anyone who wants to understand the deep roots of the Arab Spring.”

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