Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

The Delta Bluesman from Lancashire

Kevin Brown was in the family sitting room in Preston, Lancashire when he first saw Muddy Waters. He stared transfixed at the man playing guitar and singing on the tiny black and white television screen. It was 1964 and Kevin was transported. Regardless of his Lancashire roots, Kevin was going to be a bluesman.

Five years of studious guitar practice later, whilst playing on the street in London he met Son House who took him under his wing. He taught him the emotional power of simple words, and how to make a slide guitar howl at the moon. He gave a kid from Lancashire his blues credentials and sent him out to spread the message.

Fifteen albums and 1000s of gigs later, Kevin Brown is one the most respected blues guitarists, singers and songwriters on both sides of the Atlantic. He’s attracted plaudits from the great Albert King, Martin Simpson, Joe Boyd and JJ Cale’s wife and musical collaborator, Christine Lakeland. He’s played on Mark Knopfler’s recordings and Andy Fairweather Low has played on Kevin’s. Both are Kevin Brown fans.

If you doubt a kid from Preston could really play the Delta Blues, just ask the punters in the juke joints of Clarksdale, Mississippi, who have taken him to their hearts and flock to see him when he visits for a few months every year.

Kevin Brown isn’t just a disciple of the heritage of Delta Blues, he’s part of it.

“One of the very best we have” Andy Fairweather Low

“Kevin Brown has never ceased making joyful, soulful, tuneful, beautifully produced music. He's an ace, no one like him” Joe Boyd

“So much more than just a great slide player” Mark Knopfler

“He is without a doubt the real deal” Martin Simpson


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