Early Period Historical Tours

Explore the foundations of history from our range of archaeological, battlefield and experience tours. We offer luxury tours that start at the beginning of recorded human history and take you on an ancient journey through to 1000AD. Travel to lost worlds in comfort in the company of our expert guides, from the Silk Roads to Pompeii and Colchis to Thrace.

All of our forthcoming Scheduled Early Periods Tours are listed below.

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Early Periods Tours - Future Planning

We intend to run all of the following tours in the near future. Final dates and prices are yet to be confirmed. Register your interest and we will contact you as soon as these tours become available.

All of our tours are led by our expert, published guides who have a lifelong passion in their chosen subject. Stay in 3, 4, and 5 star hotels and sample the local cuisine and culture while our accompanying tour manager takes care of all the hassles of travel, leaving you free to immerse yourself in antiquity and your guide free to open your eyes to the wonders of your chosen subject.

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