Historical Cross Periods Tours

Every location has a history, a goldmine of stories and secrets to share about the conflicts, events and encounters that happen within its boundaries. In recognition of this we offer a variety of tours that explore these collections of moments in exciting, often lesser known locations around the world, from Belarus to Malta, Tunisia to Nepal. These eclectic tours are often accompanied by two expert guides instead of one and they will cox and box to tell their stories, culminating in most interesting and fascinating experiences.

All of our forthcoming Scheduled Cross-Periods / Modern Tours are listed below.

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Cross-Periods / Modern Tours - Future Planning

We intend to run all of the following tours in the near future. Final dates and prices are yet to be confirmed. Register your interest and we will contact you as soon as these tours become available.

Our tours are accompanied by an expert and passionate guide and a dedicated tour manager who will handle all of the headaches and worries of travel, leaving you free to engage, learn and debate with our guide and fellow history enthusiasts. Where possible, you will stay in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, enjoying luxury and comfort while delving into the culture and past of these multifaceted lands.

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