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The Nineteenth Century saw the blossoming of the nationalist seeds sown during the Napoleonic Wars. Although Waterloo had ushered in almost half a century of peace in central Europe, by 1859 national rivalries had re-ignited continental warfare between Prussia, France and Austria. Across the Atlantic, having successfully fought its war of independence the newly formed United States of America was torn apart by Civil War. To a greater or lesser extent, these conflicts also saw the advent of industrialised warfare – the use of railways and factories to increase mobility and lethality, and the increase in the scale of conflict – all ominous harbingers of global conflicts that would break out in the following century. Meanwhile Great Britain – having lost America and retrenched from Europe, stood aloof from these trends. Instead, the Victorian era saw the apogee of the British Empire and a period of of relatively small scale ‘bushfire’ wars. But the cracks were showing – even in the jewel in the crown in India where the formerly harmonious relationship between British and Indians broke down. Whether this was simply an Indian mutiny or the first war of Indian Independence is still a matter of debate.

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