The Link Between Richard III And The Princes In The Tower

The Link Between Richard III And The Princes In The Tower

One of the most mysterious murders in British history relates to the public disappearance of the boys known as “the Princes in the Tower”.

The event occurred in the 1480s, when King Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, were 12 and 9 years old respectively.

They were being held in the Tower of London by their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, in anticipation of Edward V’s upcoming coronation.

Before the coronation could occur, the princes were declared to be illegitimate and the Duke of Gloucester ascended the throne as Richard III.

The boys were last seen in the tower, before disappearing from sight forever. Many believe that Richard murdered them to further legitimise his claim on the throne, but the exact circumstances are unknown.

Researcher Tim Thornton believes that he has found evidence that the princes' murders were indeed committed by Richard III.

Thornton discovered that the first report which suggested that the princes’ deaths were orchestrated by Richard was in The History of King Richard III by Sir Thomas More, originally published in 1513.

More named Miles Forest and John Dighton as the men who had committed the murders, under orders which were given to them by a servant of Richard.

Thornton found that the son of Miles Forest would have been working alongside More as a servant, giving him access to his information and adding legitimacy to More’s claims.

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Added: 19th August 2021

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