Archaeologists Discover Unique Ceremonial Vehicle Near Pompeii

Archaeologists Discover Unique Ceremonial Vehicle Near Pompeii

Archaeologists have found a Roman ceremonial carriage which had been located in a villa close to Pompeii.

The four-wheeled carriage has been extremely well-preserved and is constructed of iron, bronze and tin.

The area where the carriage was located, Civita Giuliana, was the site of the discovery of the remains of three horses in 2018, along with a harness.

Massimo Osanna, the outgoing director of the Pompeii archaeological site, noted that no similar vehicles had been discovered in the area previously.

Archaeologists had previously uncovered vehicles which had been used for work or transport purposes, but none which had been used for ceremonies.

Researchers believe that the carriage would have been used in parades or processions and is a unique discovery.

The carriage was carefully removed from the location where it was found, with experts pouring plaster into its imprint to preserve the remains of organic material left behind.

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Pictured: Artwork depicting a Roman chariot race


Added: 10th March 2021

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