Explorers find lost WW2 bunker used by Churchill’s ‘secret guerrilla army’ of assassins

Explorers find lost WW2 bunker used by Churchill’s ‘secret guerrilla army’ of assassins

A forgotten bunker used in World War 2 by Winston Churchill’s ‘secret guerrilla army’ has been discovered by forestry workers from Forestry Land Scotland and AOC Archaeology.

These bunkers were part of a top-secret military operation, manned by soldiers who were part of Churchill’s Auxiliary Units and were highly trained.

Each of these bunkers would have housed a maximum of eight men. It is estimated that there were hundreds of these bunkers across the country, the locations of which have been lost to time.

An expert from AOC Archaeology explained that the bunkers were ‘built during WW2 as operational bases for auxiliary units tasked with sabotage operations in the event of invasion’.

Due to the secrecy surrounding their existence, these bunkers are rarely rediscovered as ‘their precise locations were kept secret’, making it difficult to track them down.

The bunker which has been found is 23 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 4.2 feet deep. These bunkers were built to house a unit of soldiers for months or even years.

As researchers continue to examine the newly rediscovered bunker, the site will remain closed to the public. The bunker's precise location also won't be revealed.

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Added: 19th March 2020

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