Graffiti left by soldiers just after D-Day uncovered

Graffiti left by soldiers just after D-Day uncovered

A series of drawings and graffiti has been discovered in a barn in Sommervieu, Normandy, believed to be the work of British soldiers resting just after the landings at Gold Beach on D-Day.

The drawings and signatures, uncovered by British Military Historian Dan Hill, offer a rare snapshot into the thoughts of the soldiers who were invading France.

"The history of the campaign in 1944 can quite literally be found written on the walls of barns and old farmhouses throughout the Normandy area.

"These guys were the tip of the sword when it comes to the liberation of Europe, it's a reasonable chance that those people writing their names on the wall were the very people who liberated that farmyard."

The cheeky Tommy’s left behind their names, favourite football teams, doodles of their girlfriends, tanks and even an image of a German soldier being captured by the British. Further along is what appears to be a ‘stag-list’ of who would be on duty that night.

The scribbled town names included Blackpool, Nottingham and Liverpool - ‘the best football team on earth’ according to the one who wrote it. Hill said that the graffiti has a ‘distinctly regional feel’, mostly relating to ‘Lancashire and the North -West of England’.

He continued to say "We don't know the stories of them as individuals but they represent a generation of men and women that were involved in one of the defining moments of European history.

"It would be incredible to be able to identify some of those men who passed this way shortly after D-Day in 1944 and to find out what became of them."


Added: 17th January 2019

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