Latest Brochure OUT NOW!

Latest Brochure OUT NOW!

For the first time a series of thought-provoking expert led cultural tours under the banner of ‘Experience Tours’ are available to several new countries including; Iran, touring north to south from Tehran to Gur experiencing Persia from the Achaemenids to the splendours of Islam; An Oman tour from Muscat to the Empty Quarter to witness the jewel that is the Arabian Peninsula; A Silk Road Experience through Uzbekistan taking a golden journey to Samarkand. In Greece a tour of Athens and the foundations of the modern western civilization on the Peloponnese, as well as a tour to Santorini and Crete to discover the lost world of the Minoans. In Italy there are two departures to the Bay of Naples to tour not only Pompeii but also lesser known but equally important sites such as Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae, Cumae, Baiae and Pozzuoli.

A particular aspect of each of these tours is the superb hotel accommodation and their locations, carefully sought to complement the interesting itineraries as well as the real expert nature of the well-chosen guides.

Amongst the extensive battlefield and historical tour programme are great new themes and destinations such as Alfred the Great in Wessex, Fighting for Canada, The Russian Revolution (with leading historian, Orlando Figes) and Frederick the Great. All stimulating experiences. Clients are going to be presented with a difficult challenge when it comes to making a final holiday selection!

Particularly strong is our Napoleonic Period range of tours, following the feats of The Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte. Several destinations across Europe make up the programme including the Peninsular Wars throughout Spain as well as Napoleon’s Campaigns in Russia.

Flagship tours to destinations across the Atlantic also feature highly with American Civil War Tours covering the Eastern Theatre and Southern Heartland battles. And as mentioned already, an incredible 12 day tour of Canada to study the French & Indian Wars and the War of 1812.

Tours to World War I battlefield sites are widely covered, clients can take their pick of destinations across Europe to see and learn about the fighting which was endured along the Western Front including Verdun and The Somme and further afield to Northern Italy and Gallipoli. Specialist subject tours are covered too including WW1 Poets and Tunnellers on the Western Front.

World War II Tours actually start pre-war with a tour to Madrid to learn of the Spanish Civil War, often thought of as the ‘rehearsal’ for what came next in history. Clients can choose from a wide range of destinations including Crete and Malta to learn about the sacrifices made by these islands. To Italy for the Battles of Cassino and Anzio, to Berlin for a city tour to discover more about the Battle for Berlin and to Russia to tour the Eastern Front. The end of the WWII period takes in Burma to travel via Mandalay to learn about the Forgotten Army fighting the Japanese in this captivating country.

Alan Rooney, Managing Director says “Battlefield destinations, throughout the world, continue to grow in popularity and it’s no surprise thanks to the media routinely highlighting the importance of our war history today”. He went on to say, “We welcome everyone onto our tours, especially those joining our new ‘Experience Tours’, no special knowledge is assumed or required, just a general interest in the subject”.


Added: 17th June 2016

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