Bespoke Romanov Dynasty Tour

Bespoke Romanov Dynasty Tour

Tour Introduction

The list of Romanov sites in Russia is endless but the standout highlight has to be St. Petersburg. Shaped by rulers who can boast the suffix ‘the Great’, built by Peter and decorated by Catherine. Palaces, churches and gardens boast the power and grandeur of the royal family as well as providing a window into the artistic and architectural styles through the ages, it truly is the city of the Romanovs. There is plenty more to see though, including Moscow the modern day capital, which was the original seat of royal power before St Petersburg, and there is also the chance to join the world famous Trans-Siberian railway. Trundle your way through the wild countryside of the Urals and Siberia to Yekaterinburg the site of the dynasty’s gruesome ending. Exploring the Romanov legacy on a tailor-made basis allows you to shape your itinerary around a particular place, event or individual that has captured your imagination.

Our Tailor-made Tours
Our tailor-made tours aim to offer a high quality experience that suits you. Visit historic and cultural sites of your choice in as much luxury as you desire, and we’ll pay impeccable attention to detail at every step of the way. Whether it’s a short city break complete with museums and galleries or exploring the world’s most famous battlefields, we will do everything in our power to ensure you have the immersive experience you are looking for.

We can organise return flights to Moscow or St Petersburg and all internal travel whether it be with a driver guide, minibus/coach hire or trains.

A local English speaking guide can accompany you throughout or for part of the tour.

We generally provide accommodation in good quality 4* hotels, preferably historic where possible. However we can provide accommodation that suits your budget, please enquire for more details.


What to see:

St Petersburg

• Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace
• Catherin Palace
• Pushkin
• Peterhof
• Yusupov Palace (where Rasputin was murdered)
• Faberge Museum
• Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral
• Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood
• Peter the Great Cabin
• Menshikov Palace
• Smolny Cathedral


• Kremlin – acted as royal residence in Moscow
• The Palace of the Romanov Boyars
• Kolomenskoe – summer residence
• Convent of Martha and Mary

Trans-Siberian Express

• Yekaterinburg - site of the execution of the Romanov Family & the Europe/Asia border
• Perm – residence of Mikhail Romanov, brother of Nicholas II and declared Tsar after his murder. Was executed shortly after.
• Rasputin Museum in Pokrovka

Other Sites

• Trans-Siberian Railway – travel through the Urals and Siberia
• St Petersburg
• Moscow – Red Square, Lenin Mausoleum, St Basils Cathedral, Kubinka Tank Museum, Museum of Central Armed Forces plus many more ………


This is merely a suggested itinerary and can be tailor made to your interests and needs;

Day 1 – Arrival St Petersburg

Day 2 – Gain a feel for this magnificent city, once home to the Tsars and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, during a guided tour of the major sites such as Peter’s Cabin, the Peter and Paul Fortress and Yusupov Palace. Spend the afternoon marvelling at the wonders contained within the vast, world-famous, Hermitage Museum. The Hermitage is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world containing an incredible collection of art, treasure and antiquities from around the globe. One of the buildings that houses the collection is the Winter Palace, home to the royal family from 1732 until its demise in 1917.

Day 3 – St Petersburg to Moscow – Take the short journey out of the city to the village of Pushkin for a visit to the Tsars’ summer residence, Catherine Palace. The palace is one of the finest examples of Rococo architecture to be found and is home to the famous Amber Room, a large chamber decorated with amber panels with gold leaf and mirrors. In the afternoon board your train to Moscow.

Day 4 – Moscow – enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Russian capital, taking in all of its famous landmarks such as Red Square and the Kremlin, the royal Residence in Moscow and a constant site of Russian power.

Day 5 - Moscow & Trans-Siberian Railway – Visit the palace of the Romanov Boyars where the Romanovs lived during their rise through the ranks of the Moscow elite until Mikhail Romanov was elected Tsar in 1613. At Kolomenskoe, just outside of the city, is the summer residence and favourite Moscow location for the early Romanov Tsars. In the afternoon board the Trans-Siberian railway for the trip to the Yekaterinburg.

Day 6 - Trans-Siberian Railway – Spend the day on this famous train, travelling gracefully through the vast and wild Russian countryside, taking in the imposing Ural Mountains and unforgiving but equally stunning landscape of Siberia. Late arrival in Yekaterinburg.

Day 7 - Yekaterinburg – This Ural town earned its place on the map in 1918 as it was here that the members of the royal family were summarily executed. The site is now marked by the beautiful Church on Blood. You can also visit the Monastic complex at Ganina where the Tsar and his family were hastily buried. At the Mineral Railway station you can stand on the Europe/ Asia border.

Day 8 – Internal flight to Moscow. Spend a further couple of days in Moscow or return home.

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