Austerlitz: Napoleon's Masterpiece Tour Images - December 2018

Our latest Austerlitz: Napoleon’s Masterpiece tour was guided by The Cultural Experience MD, Alan Rooney, and departed in December 2018. Here are some of the photos taken during the tour.

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Photo Gallery

  • On the Zuran, Alan explains the movement of French corps & Allied columns
  • Spaleny Mill, Alan explains how Emperor Franz and Napoleon discussed peace
  • Participants parade from the field Austrian heavy cavalry
  • Imperial Guard Grenadiers lead the French column
  • French Imperial Guard meets the attack with a volley
  • French Foot Artillery deploys
  • Fifes & drums, French Line infantry
  • Austrian Uhlans support the Allied infantry but are pursued by French Imper
  • With Prince Lichtenstein, the Emperor and Marshal Berthier at Chateau Auste
  • Austerlitz Ch‚teau exterior

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