Frederick the Great in the South

Frederick the Great in the South

His Greatest Battles in Bohemia and Silesia

Battlefield Tours

Frederick the Great in the South

His Greatest Battles in Bohemia and Silesia

Battlefield Tours

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Tour Introduction

Travelling through rolling countryside, sandy, pine covered ridges and sparsely populated marshes, we explore some of Europe’s hidden battlefield treasures. These rarely visited battlefields remain, in the best part, untouched, allowing for the perfect overview and demonstration of Frederick’s tactical genius. We will be based out of the traditional Bohemian town of Hradec Kralove, enigmatic and enchanting Wroclaw and the medieval ‘silver’ UNESCO city of Kutna Hora. Each evening we will sample delightful cuisine, immerse ourselves in the local legends and culture, and round off the whole experience with the wonderful Czech and Polish hospitality.


The influence of Frederick the Great in military history is incalculable. His dramatic battles and military genius have taught and inspired powerful generals to great effect, including the masterful Emperor Napoleon. Frederick’s inherent ability to turn surprise to his own tactical advantage depended not only upon his own quick thinking but upon the quality of the superbly trained Prussian Army, its able commanders and their ability to make rapid decisions. This tour visits battlefields from the two wars in which Frederick built his reputation, namely The War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years’ War. The former resulted in the Prussian annexation of Silesia whilst the latter became one of survival as, by the mid-1750’s, Frederick’s extensive victories and successes had startled most of the major European powers into a coalition to halt his further advances. Although his invasion of Bohemia in 1757 came within a hairsbreadth of occupying Prague, after being weakened in a series of costly victories he was eventually pushed back into Silesia and Prussia itself.


Day 1 – Arrival

Fly London - Prague and drive to Hradec Kralove and check in to our hotel for two nights. Enjoy an introductory talk given by your expert historian before dinner.

Day 2 - Chotusice and Soor

We spend the morning exploring the pitted battlefield of Chotusice where, in 1742, Frederick’s unprepared army, scattered beyond mutual support, snatched a dramatic victory form the jaws of defeat. This afternoon we visit the Battle of Soor, where the vastly outnumbered Frederick proved his military superiority over the Austrians to win a comfortable victory.

Day 3 - The Battle of Hohenfriedberg

Hailed as one of Frederick’s most admired victories, we spend the whole day examining the battlefield where Frederick earned his greatness. See where the legendary charge of the Bayreuth Dragoons became a leading model of military aggression and how the thundering Prussian cavalry came of age. Continue to Wroclaw and check in to our hotel for three nights.

Day 4 - The Battles of Breslau and Leuthen 1757

Today we examine one of the Prussian Army’s largest defeats and one of its greatest victories. The Prussians, vastly outnumbered by the Austrians, fought a desperate holding action at Breslau at the start of the Seven Years’ War which ended in a harrowing siege and surrender. Frederick’s response resulted in what many consider to be his masterpiece: a skilled flank attack on the far more numerous Austrians at Leuthen.

Day 5 - Liegnitz and Mollwitz

We start the day at the field of Liegnitz where, in 1760, Frederick defeated a superior Austrian force with surprising and masterful tactics. We will visit the nearby museum which also commemorates the Golden Horde victory in 1241. We continue to Mollwitz, Frederick’s first major battle in 1741, where he defeated the Austrians despite a chaotic battlefield and the shattering of the Prussian cavalry.

Day 6 - Battle of Kolin

Travel to the last significant Austrian victory of the Seven Years’ War, the Battle of Kolin. Just over a month after the Prussian success at Prague, Frederick suffered a heavy defeat after a rare military blunder. Drive to Kutna Hora and check in to our hotel for the last two nights.

Day 7 - The Battles of Lobositz and Prague

Drive to Lobositz where, in October 1756, Frederick’s first attempt to push further into Bohemia was foiled. Thence to the battlefield of Prague, which Frederick attempted to take in May 1757. After splitting the Austrian army in two with the ‘Prague Manoeuvre’, Frederick drove the remaining forces back into the city. However, with his own army severely weakened from the pyrrhic victory, Frederick decided to lay siege to the city rather than attempt to storm it outright.

Day 8 - Departure

Return flight to London.

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