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The Silk Roads Experience | The Golden Journey to Samarkand | 22 Sep - 3 Oct 2017 - click here to find out more

Visit some of the oldest settlements in the world with Islamic Archaeology expert Dr Paul Wordsworth & experience a true Uzbekistani Odyssey. We visit isolated Silk Road Cities and take in dramatic geography on this once in a lifetime tour, including Shohruhiya, Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara & Samarkand.

The Pompeii Experience | Archaeological delights of the Bay of Naples | 23-29 October 2018 - click here to find out more

This comprehensive archaeological tour of the Bay of Naples and the events of AD79 not only includes the well-known and impressive remains of Pompeii and the superbly preserved Herculaneum but also those lesser known, but nonetheless important sites such as the seaside villas of the wealthy at Oplontis.

El Cid and the Reconquista | The Moors Vanquished From Northern Spain | 5-12 September 2018 - click here to find out more

This tour showcases one of the oldest standing ensembles of military architecture in Western Europe and includes watch-towers and castles like Gormaz, a massive edifice with sides mile long, and the double castle at Berlanga both once held by the Cid.

Custer and the Indian Wars | Little Bighorn Anniversary & Yellowstone Park | 18-27 June 2018 - click here to find out more

This tour explores the magnificent 'Big Sky' country of Montana and the Black Hills of Dakota - the evocative landscape of the 'Old West'. At the end of the Civil War European settlers expanded into this and the Native American inhabitants chose to fight back.

The Gallipoli Campaign | Damn the Dardanelles: This will be our Grave | 30th April - 5th May 2018 - click here to find out more

During this six-day tour to Turkey we will visit and examine the main aspects of the Gallipoli campaign: the naval assault, the problems of landing against defended beaches at Cape Helles, the command, control and communication issues, the miracle that was ANZAC, the Turkish perspective, the conditions at Gallipoli, the Suvla Bay fiasco and discuss whether it was all worthwhile.

Napoleon in Italy | The Road to Rivoli | 12-19 October 2018 - click here to find out more

In 1796, France's army in Italy was under-fed, under-equipped and unpaid. Its fair to say it was also low on morale. It was this army that Napoleon picked up by the scruff of its neck and turned into the effective fighting force that would defeat successive Austrian armies and conquer northern Italy.

History Tours & Holidays With Expert Guides

The Cultural Experience is a leading international battlefield tour, historical tour and cultural tour company offering expert led holidays to destinations throughout the world. We offer a wide range of scheduled escorted tours including archaeology, military history and general history tours all of which are accompanied by leading historians, academics or senior soldiers.

We are also a leading provider of school trips to many schools in the UK and Ireland and organise bespoke battlefield studies and staff rides for The Army, RAF, Royal Navy and other MOD establishments. We can also create a wide range of tailor made tours for individuals, small groups and organisations.

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Established in 2009, The Cultural Experience now offer tours all over the world. From the battlefields of the Zulu War in South Africa to the War Of the Roses in the UK, all bases are covered. If for any reason you cannot see the tour you would like to do, you can either see our future planning page or contact us to arrange your own bespoke tour.

Each of our guides are experts in their respective fields. Authors, historians, lecturers and fellows guide you through battlefields in France, America, India, Israel, Canada, Belarus and more. They guide you throughout the day, and dine with you in the evening, as all Cultural Experience tours include a three course meal in the evening.

Another benefit of a Cultural Experience tour is that a maximum of 22 passengers are accommodated on each tour. This means that we can include more in our daily activities as there is less time spent waiting for others to catch up.

All of our tours vary in the amount of physical activity involved. This is why we have added an activity level to each tour. This enables you to ascertain which tours are most suitable for you. All of the extra information about all of our tours can be found on our what to expect page.

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